V-Tuner+ Lite 1.2

V-Tuner+ Lite 1.2


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Date Added:15 November, 2014

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V-Tuner Plus can help you to play your violin in a more professional way while other existing tuners CANNOT!

"Open strings vibrate sympathetically when a stopped G, D, A, or E is played, making the violin sound much more resonant and open. For this reason, good intonation is an important aspect of tone production"
Simon Fischer
Famous violinist and violin educator

V-Tuner Plus can help beginners and experienced players to achieve a good intonation through tuning while other existing tuners CANNOT. Except professional players, it is very difficult to tune a violin correctly by using a general tuner because the ears of general users are not as sensitive as professional players and hence general users cannot identify whether their tuning is good or not. Thus, even a tuner can show its reading very precisely in tuning, however, general users most probably may not know their tuning is perfect or not because the reading may not be stable during tuning. V-Tuner Plus uses animation and graphics to show the tuning precisely. Moreover, when the tuning is not perfect, this app can show how close it is. Therefore, even general users cannot know their tuning is fine or not, this app can tell and ask him to make an appropriate adjustment if the tuning is not perfect.

V-Tuner Plus is not only for tuning but also for education. Many violin players usually learn tuning quite late because they worry that they may break strings if they cannot tune their violins properly. This app TEACHES users to understand the concept of tuning during the tuning process (that is why this app is called V-Tuner Plus: "V-Tuner" means a tuner for violins and "Plus" means this special feature). Through the interactive simulation, users can know how to tune properly BEFORE they start the tuning in their real violins.

V-Tuner Plus is the first violin tuner for ALL violin players, which includes both beginners and experienced players. We provide attractive graphics interfaces and animations for users to tune their violins step-by-step. We have complete and detailed guidelines for beginners to follow and tune their violins with checking. We also provide fast and simple procedures for experienced players to do their fine tuning quickly and efficiently.

User-friendly graphic interface, especially suitable for children and beginners
Simulations are provided for users to virtually tune a violin by using your iPad, which is especially suitable for beginners to practice before they tune their real violins.
Complete and detailed guidelines for beginners; Users can go through the whole procedures step-by-step by themselves.
The tuning procedures for beginners are interactive; it is easy to follow.
Fast tuning is provided for experienced players; it is extremely easy to follow.
Checking is provided for users to know whether their violins are tuned correctly.
It is much easier than tuning your violin by using an electronic tuner.
No external devices are required. We use the build-in microphone on your iPad.
Different languages are provided.

This lite version is for ONE string only.

V-Tuner+ is now available on both IPad and IPhone.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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